Our projects and events are an ongoing labour of love, human-powered by volunteers like you.

Trail Maintenance

Our volunteers are committed to keeping our trails safe and accessible throughout the seasons.

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Keeping folks on trail and on track is our
utmost priority. Signage, blazes, maps and kiosk
development and implementation are ongoing and in progress.

BITS, Handloggers

Handloggers Half Marathon

Volunteer run, this half marathon is an amazing way to discover some of our best trails. There are training groups that commence in the spring, and this incredible event takes place in September, and helps to fund the Trail Society.

Trail Trash Clean-Up

We believe in “Leave No Trace” and we annually host trail clean-up parties.

April 30×30

Shake off the winter cobwebs and get outside for a minimum of 30 minutes for 30 days. This is our most popular community wide event, and a great time for folks to discover new trails on the island.


An orienteering, cross-country navigation event we’re pumped to host. Teamwork, endurance and a love for Bowen trails is all that you need to participate. Keep your eyes peeled for future dates.

Want to help? Please connect with us.